Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tips for Flash Card Users

     If you don't know how to use or make flash cards, check out Grace Fleming's article.  She has composed a "how to" for flash cards that is very efficient and inexpensive.

     But like me, you might be concerned whether or not your child is actually practicing the flash cards.  If this is you, I have a tip.

Tip #1:  Take a Sample

      This is a trick that many educators use to help discern whether or not a student understands the concept presented and also saves the grader a ton of time.

     When your student is done practicing the flash cards for the allotted time, take the flash cards, shuffle them up, and test the student on a handful of them.  This way, as a working parent you save the time of going through all of the flash cards and have the satisfaction that you are, indeed, helping further your child's education. 

     If you are using a flash card application like Math Pro or Coins in A Flash you don't have to do any shuffling.  It's already done for you!  The great thing about this is the application itself already presents random math problems for your student to figure out.

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