Michael J. Fox

Does anyone else remember loving Michael J. Fox?

This really has nothing to do with any tips for parenting other than sometimes you have to enjoy yourself.  And, I really enjoyed watching several Michael J. Fox movies over the last week.

Remember when Teen Wolf came out and you laughed so hard and found yourself rooting for some crazy, hairy, long nailed boy-turned-wolf?  I mean, move out Jacob!  Fox was the original werewolf!  The movie itself had a few parts I had to fast forward through because of my kids, but overall the message is great and fun to watch.

Then, yesterday we watched the movie Greedy (without kids...it has a little bit of language) and I was hypnotized.  Alex Keaton...Michael J. Fox...whoever you are, I love to watch you.  It's not that I'm attracted to him, he's just so nice. 

I mean, really, if Michael J. Fox came to my door selling used soap from the people next door, I would probably invite him in just to hear him talk about it.  He's just so believable.  What happened to these type of actors?  You know, an actor who seems real and like you'd want to actually hang out with them after work or something? 

This is so random. 

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