Ode to the Jr. Higher

What your Jr. Higher doesn't know, can't hurt YOU!

In our very home, we house a wild, unpredictable animal that has habitats crossing state lines, political lines, and even religious lines.  This animal is known to be able to survive that harshest of conditions and in the most unlikely spots.  It can take an unsuspecting family with a peaceful, quiet home and turn it upside down in seconds.  They have been known to travel in packs and have a language that is unidentifiable in many situations. 

What is this animal?

The one and only: Jr. Higher

We have housed one of these interesting characters for the last two years.  The Jr. Higher did not make his appearance right away.  Instead, he chose to cultivate his place within our hearts and homes for 12 years before revealing his true colors.  It was about mid-way into the 6th grade year that the Jr. Higher (cue ominous music) revealed himself.

At first, he showed his displays of dominance in little ways.  An eye roll here, a well placed sigh there.  He didn't show the carefully concealed hand he held in his personality deck of cards all at once.  For that, I thank you, Jr. Higher.  I am not sure I would have been able to handle it all.

So, I have reverted to a few things that make me feel a little better when dealing with this precarious animal.

1.  Sometimes, I roll my eyes when he isn't looking. 

He doesn't know.  My other kids don't know.  But, it does feel a little good when I'm trying to let yet another jr. high-ism roll off my shoulders.

2.  You are not the lone ranger, but you do only have a few silver bullets. 

This is hard for me because I'm a closet perfectionist and want to refold towels after him, show him the streaks on the mirror he cleaned, or make him redo homework for messy writing.  But, now that I'm getting older and have two other kids to manage as well, I realize that I can't handle (read control) everything.  He is who he is.

3.  Laugh with him.

Jr. Highers are GOOBERS!  I bet you knew that.  They are silly and love to be included and laughed with.  He has a wicked sense of humor and can make me laugh, even when I'm on the "warpath".

Though I talk about him as though he is some exotic animal, he is mine and I love him.  The transition from elementary school to jr. high has been a wild one, but really, what else would I be doing with my life right now?   

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