Monday, September 17, 2012

No Sanitizer Needed!

     This flashcard journey has led us to the land of mobile applications.  It is a diverse schmorgizborg of sometimes silly, helpful, again really silly, and many educational applications to help the average joe with just about anything.

     I was looking for something to help out my kids and downloaded one for them to try out on my Samsung Galaxy S (old, I know) cell phone. 

          *  Math Pro: You can download this flash card app from google play.  It is created by a company that has a lot of apps and they are very user friendly.  I enjoy the simplicity of it and my kids do as well.

     But, looking for an application that helps people practice counting coins...well, we came up a bit dry.  So, my husband got on the computer and created:  Coins in a Flash

     I love this app he made (thank you, Hubby!) because it is designed to help people practice counting coins in a game-like environment.  He made it with our two kids in mind.  Our oldest is in junior high and would never practice on an app that is made for kids in elementary school (I do love to embarrass him, but not that badly).  That's the cool part about it...any age level can play it (*hint...some cashiers you come into contact with might need to use it) without embarassment. 


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