Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budgeting Blues

Normally, we spend between $900 - $1000 per month on all grocery/household/baby items.  We are attempting to cut this down to $700.  It is not easy, but here are a few things I have learned (through failure, mind you).

1.  Use the circulars. 
                  While we do not all have the time to be amazing coupon-ers (not sure if that is a word) it does help to go through the weekly circulars and make your plan.  Educate yourself.  Do not just go to the grocery store blindly not knowing if the store you are shopping at is indeed the best deal.

                  If I take the time to really go through sale ads, I am better educated on how to make my list for my weekly grocery trip.  When I do not take the time, I usually end up spending around $20 - $30 more than if I had spent an hour and a half or so really educating myself.

2.  Shop sale items.
                 I shop at my local Smith's and when they have a sale it can be amazing.  Other times, however, if I am not up to speed on various offers at competitor stores, I find myself making purchases that are not the best deal.  Often, if I just wait the items go on sale anyways.

3.  Go early!
                 This is something I just figured out.  The Smith's I shop at puts their sales/clearance items out daily...early in the morning.  One of the employees I bumped into said that she stops by there every morning to see what has been put out and many times the clearance items are gobbled up first thing in the morning before the rush.  I found foil pans on clearance...2 for $0.82!  Hello!   I bought four of them!  A week of not washing bake ware from dinner...Yes Please!

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