Friday, September 14, 2012


     Several years ago a substitute teacher came up to me and told me how my daughter was the only student in the class who knew the U.S. coin counting lesson prior to it being taught.

    Rewind....what was that?  Do you mind telling me this again o, supreme most knowledgeable substitute, but this time slowly and in more detail?  oh..that was the detailed version?  Ok.  Hmmm..what is this feeling? Shock...check.  Surprise...check.  Sweaty palms...ewww...check?  Extreme pride and satisfaction...o yes! 

    How did this happen?  Truly, it wasn't some miracle performed by a super hero wearing red tights with a lightning bolt on his chest.  It was just me and my girl, hanging out doing (cue ominous music) flash cards

    For some reason, that summer my grandmother had found an old packet of U.S. coin flash cards.  They were very useful - exhibit #1: the substitute's acute reaction - but old, a bit smelly, and truthfully I no longer know where they are.  Sorry Grams!

    And, for another reason that I cannot remember, somehow I had managed to find the time to review said smelly flashcards between parenting two children (#3 was just a thought if you read my last post), working full time, learning how to cook (this is an ongoing thing), being a full time student, and a loving, attentive, and adoring wife.  I say that last part knowing there is a good chance my husband won't read harm, no foul...but now it's on the Internet so it's true! 

    But, the major point is, if kids are given the tools to succeed and a system that keeps them accountable then success is just around the corner. 

    Try your local dollar store for the basic cheapo kind of flash cards.  Or, if you want something more long lasting and higher quality, you might want to try something from these websites: or  They both display an amazing variety and creative pictures that are engaging and fun for kids.

    If you are on a budget and have the time, you could always try the old fashioned route of making your own flashcards.  This is something I would not recommend for the busy working parent.  Instead, spend the few bucks and have the extra time to hang out with your kids. 

    Time flies, whether you know how to count it or not.


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